YirayTech Specialists In All Things Solar

YIRAY is a Wiradjuri word for Sun

Yiray Tech is a Sustainability Driven Organisation.

Its mission is to bring to market Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Energy Efficiency.

Yiray Tech’s vision is to assist all Australian Communities through the donation of part of its profits back into the community, making a difference for all Australians and beyond.

Working in partnership with Yiray Energy a 100% Indigenous owned Entity that is the trading arm of the Not-for-Profit Miilan which is also 100% Indigenous owned and operated.

Miilan operates on the belief that Change is possible and can happen against All Odds.

Yiray Energy and Yiray Tech together have developed opportunities that provide access to cutting edge technology in areas such as Solar Photovoltaics, Battery Storage, Solar Thermal, Electric Vehicle Charging, Solar Car Shade Structures, Solar Farms, Energy Management and Monitoring, LED Lighting including Smart City Street Lighting, Bio-fuels, Wind Turbines, Hydrogen Generation and Waste to Energy.

The Directors and Shareholders of Yiray Tech have a wide range of experience and participation in Building and Construction, Remote Power Systems, Nuclear Power Station Construction, Microgrid and Embedded Networks, Large Scale Solar, Large Scale LED Projects and Energy Efficiency.

For more information please contact us info@yiraytech.com